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Distance Learning and Online Nursing Programs

flame One of the most popular areas of study for Distance Learning and Online Programs is the field of Nursing. Distance learning and online programs for nursing include both basic and advanced degrees.

Listed below are some of the most popular schools with a mix of online programs and distance learning programs for nursing studies.

flame Associate Nursing Degrees
Normally, a two year course of study with a prerequisite of a High School Diploma or equivalent. Associate programs are designed to either lead to a specific career upon graduation (no further degree required) or to transfer as credits for the completion of a Bachelor's Degree.


Practical Nursing flame Bachelor Nursing Degrees
Normally, a four year course of study with a prerequisite of a High School Diploma or equivalent. A Bachelor's Degree requires study in Liberal Arts and Sciences along with the student's preferred course of study (or "Major").

Nursing RN-->BSN
flame Graduate Nursing Degrees
Graduate Degrees include the Master's Degree and the Doctoral Degree. Time to completion of a graduate degree varies with the degree and the focus of study. Graduate programs normally have a prerequisite of a Bachelor's Degree.

Dental Health Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner Family Nurse Practitioner (Doctorate) Nurse Practitioner Nursing Nursing (Doctorate) Nursing Case Management Nursing Case Management for Rural Populations Nursing Education
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