Benefits of Distance Learning

flame When considering all the benefits of Distance Learning, don't overlook these:

  • Benefit #1 : Flexibility
    • Flexible Location : Because you're not stuck in a classroom, you can study where ever you have access to materials -- at home, the beach, the library, even while traveling!

    • Flexible Schedule : One of the difficulties in traditional studies is scheduling classes around work schedules, home life, child care, and personal preferences (for example, some people don't do well in early morning classes). Distance Learning allows you to complete coursework during the time of day that best suits YOU.

  • Benefit #2: Convenience
    • Work at Your Own Pace : While there is generally a fixed time within which you must complete a course (and sometimes degree programs), you are not forced into a regimented schedule that means you can only do coursework from 2:00 - 3:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. With distance learning, you are responsible for your schedule... if you want to "attend" a taped lecture at midnight, it's YOUR choice.

  • Benefit #3: Support
    • Educator Support : Distance Learning programs often have EXCELLENT support from educators (be sure to consider this factor when choosing a program) -- often, your instructor is just an e-mail or phone call away.
    • Peer Suuport : That's right, with Distance Learning, you DO have support from other students. Many distance learning programs offer online chats, video conferences, and other interactive means for students to work together.

  • Benefit #4: Budget Saving
    • Room, Board, Gas : With distance learning, you get to learn from home (even if you live in a rural area), so you have no additional room, board, or travel costs -- not even the gas associated with attending local "night classes".

  • Benefit #5: Quantity AND Quality
    • Rural Students Have A Choice : if you enjoy life outside a large city, distance learning offers a wide range of topics and degrees you may not find locally. Additionally, distance learning allows you to CHOOSE the standards for the school you wish to attend -- you're not limited to what's within driving distance.

    • Urban Residents Also Have A Choice : Even if you live in an area with numerous educational facilities, they may not offer the degree program or certification that interests you most -- with distance learning, your choices are not determined by geography.